Wedding Tent Styles

Outdoor Wedding Tent rentals allow brides a unique wedding venue that has flexibility not normally found in a traditional banquet hall setting. The style of tent may be dictated by the outdoor venue that you have selected for your wedding. The number of guests, type of meal (buffet or served), dance floor, D.J. or band, and head table size will all need to be taken into consideration as well.

The surface that the tent will be installed on also needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a tent style for your wedding. Traditional pole tents and frame tents can be installed over grass, but if the tent is being installed over cement or asphalt, a frame tent will need to be used.

Frame Tents

Frame tents have a skeleton like frame and perimeter legs that support the weight of the top and therefore have no center poles. Frame tents offer an unobstructed space under the tent and are able to be installed on most surfaces. Frame tents can be secured with water barrels or weights but staking is always preferred.

Pole Tents

Pole tents have center poles that support the main weight of the tent. Side poles with straps are placed around the perimeter and secured with stakes to create tension and to pull the tent into its popular shape of high peaks and elegant swoops between the tent peaks. Pole tents must be secured with stakes.