Tent Heaters

Heated Tents in the Chicagoland area are a must between October and April. The key to having a heated tent is having quality Sidewalls that Velcro together to ensure a good seal. Having a good seal will prevent cold air from blowing in and the heat from seeping out. Window sidewalls are generally not recommended due to having to keep the tent at 50 degrees or warmer from the time they are hung until the time the tent is taken down. Prior to our arrival, all snow and ice must be removed from the tent installation area along with a path to the installation area.

Tent Heaters come in different sizes. A 170,000 BTU LP Heater with a 100-pound fuel tank will run approximately 7-8 hours when set at 65 degrees. The smaller 80,000 BTU LP Heater with a 100-pound fuel tank will run approximately 10-12 hours when set at 65 degrees. Determining the size of the heaters and the number of fuel tanks required for an event is dependent on tent size, installation surface, event type, and outdoor temperature for the duration of the rental.

Patio and Kerosene heaters and portable fire pits are not permitted under any tent.

Tent Heater 230

Our 230 tent heater is ideal for applications requiring vented heat.  It has a heat exchanger that keeps heated and combustion air separate to give you clean and dry heat.

It features:

  • 230,000, 500,000, and 750,000 Btu/h
  • Air recirculation option – Just add ducting.
  • Powerful heat throw
  • Ductable up to 50 feet per outlet (2) 25’ ducts
  • Dual Fuel or Oil option
  • Quiet operation

Tent 170 Heater

Tent 40 Heater

The 40 tent heaters are quiet operating and fuel-efficient and great for all event types. Elegant weddings, company parties, backyard parties and more, the. 40 tent heater is an ideal solution for all reception tent heating applications. They can be used to provide heat or simple air circulation. The heater can be used inside, or the heat can be ducted in from the outside.

Tent 80 Heater

Patio Heater

A patio heater is great for outdoor serious outdoor entertainer. If you need some warmth for your outdoor event the patio is what you need. If you have highboy tables outside your tent, patio heaters can help keep your guests warm even outside.

The patio heater comes with everything you need to use it. It uses propane and all you need to do is turn it on.

Rhino Patio Heater

Overall Height:
 Open 96.25 inches, Collapsed 65.50 inches

Overall Width: 17.25 inches

Overall Depth: 22.25 inches

Reflector Diameter: 37.50 inches

Weight: 77.00 lbs.