Ceremony Seating

Wedding Ceremony Tent Seating

Wedding Ceremony Tent rentals let people who love the outdoors to have an outdoor ceremony area that will protect guests from the elements.
Outdoor wedding ceremony chairs are typically set in rows also known as theater style with a center or side aisle for the bridal party.  Your ceremony tent size will be determined on the number of guests, size of the bridal party, size of platform being used and others participating in your ceremony such as musicians.  You will need 6-8 square feet per person to comfortably accommodate you and your guests.
We suggest the use frame tents for wedding ceremony tents since there are no interior poles, but pole tents can also be used.
Our wedding tents are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 feet wide to 60 feet wide.  Listed below are Wedding Ceremony Tent Rental Packages.  Each tent package is a starting point to customize to your special event.

100 Guest Ceremony Tent








80 Guest Ceremony Tent








50 Guest Ceremony Tent