Frame Tents for Sale

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in an increased demand for medical tents and tents that will be used in drive-thru screening stations around the country. In the case of a prolonged rental period, it might make more sense to outright buy a tent instead of renting it, so we have decided to make some of our frame tents available for purchase in order to help the situation in whatever way we can.

We’ve been in the tent rental business a long time and can offer expert advice and consultation when it comes to questions about tent usage, deployment, or longevity. Don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call with any questions you may have. You can reach us at 630.690.8500 or

Tent Features:

  • Can be set up on hard or soft surfaces:
    Dirt, grass, concrete, asphalt, etc.
  • Able to be secured with water barrels or stakes depending on what kind of deployment surface is used.
  • Durable and weatherproof; can withstand high winds, heavy rains, and almost any kind of inclement weather.
  • Expandable functionality with tent add-ons and extensions. We offer sidewalls for privacy and isolation, temperature control solutions for hot or cold weather, staging, tables, chairs, and other equipment that you may require.

We hope that these tents can be used as makeshift expansion spaces for hospitals if they run out of space, or as screening centers where drive-through coronavirus tests are administered.

Big Tents would be honored to be a part of the solution and provide tent, tables, chairs, and barricades in whatever capacity we can.

Tents Available:

We’re offering three different sizes of tents for sale. All of these tents are compatible with our tent extensions and hopefully can be used as medical tents or tents for drive-thru coronavirus screening stations.

10' x 10' Frame Tents

10ft. W x 10ft. L Frame Tent
100 square feet of space

Contact us for pricing:

20' x 20' Frame Tents

20ft. W x 20ft. L Frame Tent
400 square feet of space

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30' x 30' Frame Tents

30ft. W x 30ft. L Frame Tent
900 square feet of space

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Tent Extensions and Add-ons

In addition to tents, we also offer table rentals, chair rentals, tent lighting solutions, and other event rental equipment. See some of our offerings below:

Table Rentals

Collapsible, portable table rentals. Choosing the right table can reduce the amount of space needed. We have 60″ diameter round tables, 8ft. long portable tables, podiums, and more.

Chair Rentals

Collapsible chairs available for rental. Plastic/metal material. Durable and resistant to weather and temperature changes.


Tent sidewalls are used to enclose all or a portion of a tent. All of our sidewall attaches to a rope that runs the interior of your tent and is easily removed or installed. Provides isolation, insulation, and privacy for those inside the tent.

Tent Heating & Cooling

We offer heating and cooling solutions for sidewall-enclosed tents for interior temperature regulation. Keeps the tent warm during cold weather and comfortable during hot weather.

Coat Racks

Keeps staff and patient coats/jackets organized.


Elevated platform that can help separate tents into different areas.