Wedding Lighting

When you rent lighting for your wedding tent it can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your style and budget.  There is no right or wrong when selecting tent lighting, it is simply a matter of taste and style.  The style or type of rental tent the lighting is installed in will determine the final lighting effect.

Perimeter Globe Lighting

Our perimeter globe lighting is a simple subtle lighting solution that is installed around the perimeter of a frame tent, canopy or party tent.  Each 6 inch white plastic globe is attached to a white cord that blends well with the side of the tent.

Perimeter globe lighting is perfect for any size tent and give off enough light without being over powering.

Perimeter Mini Globe Lighting

White mini globe lights are a soft subtle alternative to our 6″ globe lights. These 1-1/2″ frosted mini globe lights are perfect for decor and ultra-soft lighting in the tent. Each strand is 25′ long and are attached to the perimeter of the tent.

Perimeter Par Lighting

White par lights installed on the perimeter side poles of a frame tent or a party tent create a soft wash of color across the tent top.

White Mini Lights

White mini lights are often used to create a light canopy inside tents and have a light and airy look to them.

White Mini Lights with Tent Liner

White fabric ceilings or tent liners backlit with white mini lights creates an intimate feeling to any style tent.  If there was a fairy tale look in tent lighting this would be it.

Chandelier Lighting

Chandeliers offer the classic ballroom look to any tent.  supplemental perimeter lighting of some style will need to be added to keep your tent from having dark areas.

Edison Bulb Lighting

For a more vintage and elegant look, we have our Edison bulb lighting. Perfect for weddings, outdoor carnivals, backyard parties, and much more!

Paper Lanterns

Our paper lanterns are easily installed in both frame tents and poles tents.  Lanterns with low watt light bulbs create a soft light throughout your tent.  Whether hung in clusters or singly, paper lanterns add texture and warmth to you tent lighting.

Colored Par Lighting

Weddings often have color themes that brides want to carry over into their lighting. Adding colored gels to par lighting dramatically changes the look of your tent, tables and chairs.

Special Effect Lighting

Special effect lighting such as gobos to shine patterns, logos or names across the tent top or dance floor create a truly memorable special event for all guests.