Festival Tent Rentals

Festival Tents and Event Tents are available in all sizes and shapes, much like Chicago area festivals and fairs. Event Frame Tents with counters on one or multiple sides are perfect for food and merchandise vendors. Sidewall and Lighting are excellent additions to vendor tents for comfort and safety.

Large Bingo Tents, Dining Tents, or Entertainment Tents with tables and chairs are great ways to keep people of all ages comfortable throughout your festival. A Beer Tent with counters and front skirting make excellent serving areas, especially when connected to a beer truck. A Hospitality Tent is a welcome retreat for all your VIP guests, and a Misting Tent will give your guests a break from the summer heat.

Check out our Festival Packages which come complete with Tents, Tables, Chairs, Lights, Counters, Skirts, and Sidewalls.

Our tents can be arranged to meet your needs, from fun to traditional. We can set up our tents almost anywhere. Festival Tents are available in Frame Tents, High Peak Frame Tents, and Pole Tents that range in sizes from 10’ wide to 60’ wide. Let our experienced Event Planners help you with all your event tent rental needs.

Festivals require just about every size and color of tent that is made. Below you will find pictures of Vendor Tents, Beer Tents, Registration Tents, Large Dining Tents, Bingo Tents, Entertainment Tents, VIP Tents, and Game Tents.

Striped Tent Tops

Striped Tent Tops add color to your event. Striped tops may be combined to match the colors of a national flag. They may also be used to denote the type of activity taking place. Great for carnivals, craft fairs, festivals, or birthday parties. We can also use our striped tent top tents to put over our carnival game rentals. Our striped tents have various options when it comes to the layout and set up. We can customize it to your event!

Registration Tents

Registration Tents are used for volunteer check-in at festivals or registration at a walk or run event. These tents help keep your workers out of the elements.

Dining Tents

The Dining Tent is usually the largest of all tents at a festival. You want your guests to be out of the elements while they eat so they will stay at your event as long as possible.

High Peak Vendor Tents

High Peak Vendor tents give a great look to any type of festival.

Large Festival Tents

Our large Festival tents can fit a whole event underneath it! We have done Oktoberfest events, birthday parties, weddings, and corporate parties all underneath one of our large tents.

Beer Tent

Our festival tent rentals can help create a special location for beer or other beverage services. Choose from our many sizes available.

Bingo Tent

The Bingo Tent keeps all ages entertained. We typically set this up with staging and sound system.

Band Stage Tent

The Band Stage Tent is for covering the band or entertainment you have at your event. We can customize the tent to cover your stage.