Portable Stage Rental

Stage Rental is most often connected with Weddings, but they are just as appropriate for an Anniversary Party, Graduation Party, Birthday Party, or any occasion where people or electronics need to be raised off the floor, grass, or asphalt.

When do I need a stage?

Any time you have an outdoor event with a band, DJ, sound system, or anyone with electronic equipment to keep electronics off the grass, concrete, or asphalt and away from damaging moisture.

What are my options?

Under tents, the most commonly used stage height is 8” so the tent sides do not interfere with the back side of the stage. Stages are available in heights of 8”, 16”, and 24”. Stages in heights higher than 8” will require steps, and stages taller than 24” need safety railings along with steps.

Black Carpet or Astroturf may be added to any stage.

Our Stage Skirting is a flame resistant, box pleat, black polyester that is installed along the perimeter of the stage.

Stage for the Wedding Party

Your Event Planners will be happy to help you decide what stage/riser your bridal party will need. Typically, we suggest that you plan on the head table riser to be a minimum of 8ft deep to safely accommodate the tables and chairs while allowing room for people to walk.

Example: Your bridal party has total of 12 people. Your head table will be 24ft long, and the suggested riser would be 8ft deep x 24ft long.

ADA Ramps

ADA Ramps are available for our stages and have safety railings.

Ramp sizes will vary depending on the space available.