Medical & Drive Thru Tent Rentals

With our country being in a National State of Emergency due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, Big Tent Events is offering its tent rentals for use as medical tents for virus testing and drive thru tents for restaurants. As hospitals and medical center space become more strained in the coming weeks, we have the ability to install tents the same day you call.  If you need to set up temporary testing and screening centers for the COVID-19 virus, we are here to help make it happen. These tents can be setup in parking lots for cars to drive up next to them or underneath them.  The tent sizes can range from a 10×10 to 20, 30 and 40 wide tents of any length.  The tents can be installed with stakes or weights placed on the parking lot.

The tents can be installed with sidewalls and installed with Heating and air conditioning to control the temperature inside.  The sidewalls can be windowed or solid.  We can also provide the right amount of lighting needed to evening use.  If you need electrical power in your tents, we can also provide generators.

Big Tents would be honored to be a part of the solution and provide tent, tables, chairs, and barricades in whatever capacity we can.

Drive Thru Tents

The pictures to the right show some of the medical tents we have been installing for testing employees coming to work.  If you want to enforce social distancing and prevent the virus from getting inside your facility, then the Drive Thru tent is the way to go.  Businesses have ordered 10×10 tents with sidewalls and heaters to keep their staff warm.  Others have ordered 15×60 tents with 4 drive thru lanes and 4 closed in areas for their staff to work from.  If you want to have people come inside the tent, 30×30 tents allow staff sit with patience in the tent while providing cover from the elements.  These are all examples of what we refer to as Drive Thru tents.

Government / FEMA Tent Setups

We have also delivered tents for government medical testing sites in Walmart parking lots.  These sites require more space and have different stations.  Here is how they structure the flow:

10×10 Tent #1 – Pre Screen driver.  If driver does not meet requirements, they are directed to pull out of line and exit the lot.

10×10 Tent #2 – If they pass the pre screen, then enter the “Hot Zone” to the Screening Tent.  If they do not pass the screen test, they are directed to pull out of line and exit the lot.  If they pass the additional screening, they move forward to the next tent

10×10 Tent #3 – The Registration Tent.  Once registered, they move on to the final tent.

10×10 Tent #4 – This is the medical testing tent.  Swabs are passed through the window and people stay in their cars.

10×10 Tent #5 – This tent is used for staff to change out of used gear for disposal.

10 Questions to answer prior to ordering a Medical Testing Tent on your site.

1 – How many tents do you need to perform screening, registration, and testing?

2 – What size tent is there space for in the parking lot?

3 – What is the traffic flow pattern required in the parking lot?

4 – Can 30 Inch stakes be drilled into your parking lot or do Weights need to be used?

5 – Do you want a Drive Thru Tent to keep staff and cars out of the elements while testing?

6 – Do you want sidewall on your tents to protect from winds and rain?  Solid or Windows?

7 – Do you need electricity in your tent?  Use extension cord from building or Generator?

8 – Do you need lighting in your tent?

9 – Do you want to have tent heaters to keep staff comfortable? (Requires electricity and propane rental)

10 – Do you need any permits to install a tent? (most towns do not if they are under 400 square feet)

Our frame tents can be installed on hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete or soft surfaces such as dirt or grass. These tents can be secured via water barrels, weights, or stakes, making them extremely flexible in terms of where they can be deployed. Sidewalls can be attached with or without windows for privacy and isolation. We also offer heating and cooling solutions, so the interiors of the tents are temperature controlled. These tents can be used to extend hospital and medical center space, and are able withstand heavy rains, high winds, and other extreme weather conditions. The above factors make our tents ideal for serving as both medical tent rentals and quarantine tent rentals.

Our wide variety of tent sizes, flexibility in deployment locations, and number of tent add-ons and extensions make Big Tent Events the perfect tent rental vendor for temporary coronavirus screening centers. Our staff provides delivery, setup, and teardown service for all tents we rent out, and we pride ourselves on industry-leading customer service. We’ve provided tent rental services for thousands of different events, ranging in attendance from a dozen people at a backyard party, to hundreds of people at corporate events, festivals, weddings and more. Our experience and professionalism is unparalleled and our support and service quality are second-to-none.

Tent Extensions and Add-ons

In addition to tents, we also offer table rentals, chair rentals, tent lighting solutions, and other event rental equipment. See some of our offerings below:

Table Rentals

Collapsible, portable table rentals. Choosing the right table can reduce the amount of space needed. We have 60″ diameter round tables, 8ft. long portable tables, podiums, and more.

Chair Rentals

Collapsible chairs available for rental. Plastic/metal material. Durable and resistant to weather and temperature changes.


Tent sidewalls are used to enclose all or a portion of a tent. All of our sidewall attaches to a rope that runs the interior of your tent and is easily removed or installed. Provides isolation, insulation, and privacy for those inside the tent.

Tent Heating & Cooling

We offer heating and cooling solutions for sidewall-enclosed tents for interior temperature regulation. Keeps the tent warm during cold weather and comfortable during hot weather.

Coat Racks

Keeps staff and patient coats/jackets organized.


Elevated platform that can help separate tents into different areas.