Linen Rentals

Table linens allow your personal taste to transform a room or tent into something truly special. Our Rental Table Linens are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes.

Table Linen Fabrics

Classic Poly or Standard Linens are the most economical of all the linen fabrics and are available in the widest variety of color and sizes. Classic Poly tablecloths are the most versatile of all the fabrics and can be dressed up with Overlays or Runners for weddings, or left as is for a graduation party or birthday party.

Picnic Check Linens are a great way to add that classic check look to any occasion. These red and white, blue and white, or green and white linens are available in standard sizes for both Banquet Tables and Round Tables.

Imperial Stripe Linens are the classic color on color striped linen. The stripes are slightly darker bands of color on the linen. Poly Imperial Stripe Linens add a subtle elegance to any table, no matter the special event.

Lamour or Satin Linens with a matte finish are the most common fabric for linen upgrades. The rich colors and softness of the fabric have made these linens a classic for linen rentals.

Pintuck Linens, with their raised diamond pattern, add texture and dimension to any table. Though limited in color choices, Pintuck Linens make perfect Table Runners and Highboy Table Overlays.

Bichon/Crush Linens add intrigue and texture to tables with their unique wrinkled look that leads to variations in the fabric.

Crinkle or Twist Linens take the look of the Bichon Linens one step further by increasing the crinkles or twists to encompass the entire linen. As Tablerunners or Chair Ties, Crinkle Linens are beautiful.

Shantung Linens are the rental linen that is truly reversible. This lightweight linen offers its users the choice of a matte side or the equally impressive shiny side. When a tie or runner is added as an accent color, reversing the finish adds more depth to your colors.

Bengaline Linens are a heavy weave poly with a slight metallic shimmer.

Table Linens Simple

You have probably already looked at many beautiful and elegant pictures online and have created the look you want in your mind.

Base linens, overlays, chair covers, chair ties, and table runners all add to the overall look of your wedding. However, they create additional costs.

Linens without toppers and overlays can be made more dramatic through the use of napkins and centerpieces.

Table Linen Overlays

Overlays add both color and texture to your seating or buffet tables.

Use Overlay Linens to set specific tables apart from all the others around them.

When using an Overlay of either squares or rounds on buffet tables, we suggest a Skirtless Banquet Cloth as the base linen.

Table Linen Runners

Table Runners are an economical way to add an accent color to guest seating tables, buffet tables, and head tables.

Depending on the fabric, Table Runners are generally 8″, 10″, or 12″ wide and have either straight ends or an angled cut on the end.

Cake Tables

Wedding Cake Tables are available in a variety of sizes and will be determined by the size of your cake.

We suggest using 36″ round tables or 48″ round tables. Most brides opt for using one linen that goes to the floor since once the cake is cut, the table is removed. If your cake will be on display for a longer period of time, we suggest using tablecloths and toppers that complement the beauty of your cake.

Folding Chair Covers and Ties

Chair Covers for weddings are used to change the look of a chair that you may find does not suit your wedding decor.

Our White Plastic Folding Chairs are typically the only chairs we suggest using a chair cover with. These Classic Poly Covers are available in White, Ivory, or Black. When paired with a tie in an accent color or fabric, these simple chairs become beautiful additions to any table.

Using Side Sashes on any folding chairs set for a wedding ceremony will create a dramatic aisle for photos.

Chair Ties, Sashes, and Bows can be as simple or as elegant as your imagination will allow. Tulles and organza fabrics are perfect for the bride who wants to create her own decor as they are readily available at any fabric store.

Spandex Highboy Covers

Made from high quality four-way stretch spandex material, our stretch spandex 30 inch round highboy cocktail table covers exemplify modern sophistication and luxurious elegance. We carry them in white and black and we also offer the option to place lights inside to light them up.

They are designed to fit 30″ round highboy tables with 42″ height at weddings, casinos, hotels, restaurants and other special events.

Kwik Covers

The Kwik-Cover is a lightweight, fitted plastic table cover with specially-designed elastic edging that holds the table cover in place, even in the wind. Kwik-Cover table covers are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit most banquet tables, picnic tables and round tables.

-We are able to do custom colors for your party if you order in advance!

All banquet Kwik-Covers include a 4” self-adhesive tape strip along the length of each side for added support. Kwik-Covers are durable enough to be re-used, yet affordable enough to be disposed of after a single use making clean-up “a snap!”

Highboy Tables Overlay with Tie

When a 120″ Round Linen is used on a Highboy Table, it hangs to the floor. This gives the table a soft look while hiding the stem and base of the table.

When using an overlay and tie on your Highboy Table, we suggest a linen that is 132″ round for the base linen and the overlay as a 90″ square or 120″ round with a coordinating tie.

Skirtless Banquet Cloths

As the ideal tablecloths for seating tables and buffet tables, Skirtless Banquet Cloths are perfect for wedding reception rentals, corporate event rentals, and any other special event.

Skirtless Banquet Cloths are the easiest way to cover your 6″ and 8″ tables. A Skirtless Banquet Cloth drapes to the floor on all four sides. There is no need to rent a linen and a skirt to finish the look of the table.

Table Skirts

Our classic Poly Box Pleat Table Skirts are available in 7″ and 14″ lengths and are available in over 40 different colors.

When paired with a matching linen tablecloth, Box Pleat Table Skirts finish the look of buffet tables, sweet tables, or head tables.

Installation is simple through the use of plastic table clips with Velcro to accept the skirt. Most clients install the tablecloth on the table and then install the skirt over it, but others prefer to have the tablecloth lay over the skirt.