High Capacity Coat Rack Rental

Our coat racks will keep coats and garments unwrinkled and organized during your event.  No need to have coats and garments lying all over making your venue look disheveled.  Keep your event clean and organized with our coat rack rentals.  What you will love about our coat racks is they are high capacity.  This means our coat racks allow you to hang coats on both sides of the rack and not just one rack in the middle like all other rentals you will find.  You will get twice the capacity in the same amount of space.  Since the rack is a wire rack, the top shelf can be used to place bags, hats, and umbrellas.

Create a temporarycoat room

At larger events, coat racks can be placed in a separate room with an attendant for more security. Keeping track of which coat belongs to whom is easy using three-part coat check tickets. The attendant attaches one part of the ticket to the coat hanger and gives the other to the coat’s owner. The coats are placed in numerical order on the coat racks to make finding them easier.

Coat rack rentals are used formany types of events

Whether it is a School play in Naperville, Aurora, Carol Stream or Lisle or a Winter Holiday party in Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, or Streamwood.  We have also provided them for Fashion Shows and Dance Recitals in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Bloomingdale, and St. Charles.

You can do our Pick up and Save program or have them delivered.  With our Pick up and save, the coat rack rentals break down in multiple pieces so they can be safely loaded into your vehicle.  Pick them up the day prior to your event and bring them back the day after for the same low price.  The coat racks can also be delivered, but we do have minimum size order amounts depending on how far away your venue is from our warehouse.

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