Dance Floor Rentals

Dance Floor Rentals are most often connected with Weddings, but they are just as appropriate for an Anniversary Party, Graduation Party, Birthday Party, or any occasion where people want to dance.

Why Do I Need a Dance Floor?

Weddings and dancing seem to go hand in hand. A dance floor allows your guests to dance in an area that is specifically for dancing, where tables and chairs will not be obstacles. Dance floors allow guests to dance on a smooth and level surface.

What Size Do I Need?

Our Event Planners will be happy to help you decide what sized dance floor your special event will need. Typically, we suggest you plan on about one third of your total guests on the dance floor at any one time, and multiply that number by six to calculate the size you will need.

Example: Your wedding includes approximately 150 guests, so figure about 50 people on the dance floor at one time. Each person needs six square feet for dancing. So 50 people x 6 sq. ft = 300 sq. feet for dancing.

Tips on Dance Floors

At Big Tent Events, we strongly suggest you do not use the dance floor for guest tables or buffet tables during the meal service. With the possibility of food being dropped and not properly cleaned up, guests may slip on the floor. Also, when used for a seating area, the slowest eater always seems to sit at these tables, making other guests wait for the dance floor to be cleared to begin dancing. Dance Floors are generally made of wood and therefore need to be under a tent or indoors. At Big Tent Events, we suggest a dance floor be centered on a long side of the tent.

Black and White

The Black and White Dance Floor is most often used for more casual affairs, including Retro Dances and Proms.

Bracken Dance Floor

Our Bracken dance floor is great for bringing your event to another level. Great for fancy events such as weddings!

Mirror Dance Floor

Elevate any event by renting the mirror dance floor. Your guests will be amazed by all the colors and illusion of dancing on top of mirrors that seem never-ending.