Marquee Tent Rentals

Marquee tents are used as walkways to keep guests out of the elements as they walk from one area to another. The marquee tents can have sidewalls, lighting, red carpets, and more.

15' x 50' Marquee Tent Rental

This Marquee Tent covers the sidewalk from the parking lot to the building. We installed chandeliers for lighting.

9' x 40' Marquee Tent Rental

This Marquee Tent was installed to connect one building to another. We placed a red carpet down the middle and installed leg drapes on each tent leg. To add the finishing touches, we placed plants at each leg pole with LED colored Par Lights which changed colors.

9' x 150' Marquee Tent Rental

This Marquee Tent was used to guide wedding guests from the front of the house to the rear of the house and into the “Wedding Tent”. They did not want their guests to enter the house, go up the stairs, and down more stairs in order to get to the backyard.