Tent Cleaning

When you want your tents as white as possible, you want them washed and cleaned with a machine designed to do it.  Tent cleaning and washing saves payroll expenses, improves your image by getting your tents back to the wedding white color, and produces a consistently clean tent.

Quality Results

Traditional tent cleaning methods like machine scrubbers and hand scrubbing does whiten tents, but it uses an abrasive process and reduces the life of the tent by removing the coating on the vinyl.  For years we had people cleaning our tents.  We found many inconsistencies as the tents in the morning were done better than the tents in the afternoon.  Tent washing with a machine produces a consistent product every time.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is tough to do by hand and allows damage to be done if a person uses too much muscle rather than time and organic chemicals to remove tough spots.  Tent washing is similar to clothes washing.  We all use washing machines now rather than hand washing because of the time savings and dependable results.  It is the same concept with machine washing vinyl.


Hand washing and scrubbing tents can make a dirty tent look nicer. However, it never gets the deep grime out and it even does damage to the vinyl.  Tent washing uses specifically designed chemicals and no abrasive pressure to clean tents.  Hot water with organic chemicals and gentle tumbling is the secret to how tent washers  restore the luster to tents.  A side benefit is it also cleans the straps and ropes attached to the tent which we were never able to do well by hand.

During the cleaning process, we will inspect your tents and ropes to determine if any repairs need to be made before its use for the summer.

Our tent process will keep your tent fabric looking its very best. Tent Cleaning service includes tent tops and sidewalls.  Pricing is based on the square footage of the piece of vinyl and level of grime.  We service Chicago, Naperville, Carol Stream, Evanston and the rest of the Chicagoland area.