Tent Lighting

Tent Lighting is available in many different styles from casual to dramatic. Choose the lighting that best fits your style and party needs. Lighting is a creative process and we can cater to what you want! If you want lighting inside, outside, or under a tent we have got you covered.

Our pole lighting option is great for any outdoor event that is held in the evening. We have 5ft, 10ft, or 15ft poles, with weights on the bottom, that we string lights from. We offer the classic zig-zag pattern and “X” pattern but we can customize our lights to fit your events needs. We can string them in almost any pattern imaginable! Talk to one of our creative designers and we will create your perfect design! We can string the lights over tables, games, dance floors, or even a patio.

We also have “twinkle” lights that can be the perfect backdrop with our sheer pipe and drape. Our twinkle lights can also be strung inside a tent for a fancy effect. You can use the backdrop to accentuate the newly weds table and much more!

Edison Bulb Lighting

For a more vintage and elegant look we have our Edison bulb lighting. Perfect for weddings, outdoor carnivals, backyard parties and much more!

Chandelier Lighting

For a more elegant look we have our fancy crystal chandeliers. Perfect for weddings and any special occasion. The chandelier itself is hung from the peaks of the tent so it is sure to light up the entire tent.

White Fabric Ceiling with Back Lighting

Miniature white Christmas lights behind white fabric creates a soft, airy feel to the tent top. It is always suggested that supplemental Perimeter Lighting be used with this type of lighting.

Mini Clear Cafe Lights

Our brand new Mini Clear Cafe Lights are on white wiring, blending nicely with the sides and tops of the tent.

1-½” frosted Mini Clear Cafe Lights are perfect for soft lighting. These lights are not intended to completely illuminate the tent, and are perfect for supplemental lighting when combined with perimeter Par Lights.

Center Pole Sleeves

Our center pole sleeves are a sleeve of fabric that we place around the center poles of the tent to give it more of a dreamy and elegant look.

Leg Drapes

If you want to add some elegance to your tent we can add leg drapes. We take fabric and we drape over the tent legs to “hide” the legs of the tent.

Center Pole Lighting

Mounted on white brackets, Center Pole Lighting can be used as up-lighting to give a soft wash of light throughout the tent top, or used as down-lighting to light a buffet or dance floor. These white fixtures with white cords add just the right amount of light no matter the tent size.

Pole Lighting

Our pole lighting is great for weddings, backyard parties, and large events. It gives an elegant look and can go over the dining area or the dance floor. It gives a very elegant look to any event.

Perimeter Globe Lighting

Perimeter Globe Lights are the most economical lighting choices for tents. These attractive string lights are about the size of a small cantaloupe and are attached to the perimeter of the tent.

Par/Up Lights

Par Lights are most often used on the side poles of a tent and are focused toward the tent top. This arrangement creates a soft wash of light that reflects off the tent top. Par Lights may also be used to highlight buffets, dance floors, bands, or bridal tables. Available in different colors.