Tent Sidewall Rentals

Do I need to put walls on my tent? This is a question that we are asked throughout the year. Sidewalls are an accessory that like a tent can dramatically affect the comfort of you and your guests. Not only do Sidewalls keep out the rain, cold, and wind, they may also create a barrier to block off the unsightly empty lot behind your house.

The type of Sidewall you use is based on the time of year and type of event you are having.

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What type of sidewall should I use?

For Spring and Fall, we generally suggest our Cathedral Window Sidewall.

During the Winter months we use only Solid White Sidewalls, unless the temperature is above 45 degrees during the time the tent is up. When the temperature is below 45 degrees, the clear vinyl that creates the “window” may crack or even shatter if it is cold enough.

Mesh Sidewall is perfect for use during Summer months as it allows the breeze to move through the tent and the sunlight to illuminate the inside of the tent. Mesh Sidewall is like a window screen and will not keep out the rain.

Three Season Sidewalls are the tent extra that will keep everyone comfortable as your event begins in the afternoon and heads into the evening. “Window” panels may be rolled up during the day to allow fresh air in and unrolled as the temperature drops, thereby keeping body heat in the tent.

Cathedral Window Sidewall

Cathedral Sidewalls is similar to a window screen. It allows light from the outside to enter the tent while cutting down the breeze from the outside, keeping paper goods on the tables.

Mesh Sidewall

Mesh Sidewall will not keep out the rain, similar to screens on your windows at home.

While Mesh Sidewall will not keep bugs out of the tent, they will deter them a bit. The best way to keep out bugs, especially bees, is to keep unattended plates of food and cups filled with drinks to a minimum. Place your garbage cans as far away from the tent as possible while keeping them accessible to your guests.

Solid White Sidewall

Solid White Sidewall is the perfect tent accessory for tents being used as vendor tents, to hide that ugly empty lot behind your house, or just as a simple backdrop behind a head table, band, or DJ.

Our solid sidewall is made of the same material as our tent tops and may be used all year.

Three Season Sidewall

Three Season Sidewall has clear vinyl panels that are fashioned to look like a “window”, and are set over a panel of mesh the same size. The advantage to this wall is the ability to roll up the “window” panels and allow fresh air from outside to inside the tent.

Three Season Sidewall is more expensive than our other styles of sidewall, but it is also the best of both worlds. During the day, roll up the window panels and let in the fresh air. When evening sets in and the temperature drops, unroll the “window” panels, seal the Velcro, and keep the body heat inside the tent.