Mobile Office Trailer

Festival Mobile office trailer for rent

  • Command and Control center – When it comes to hosting an event, you need a command and control center to plan and strategize out of the weather conditions, have meetings, lock up valuables, and a charging station for electronics.
  • Secure place to count tickets and money  Our office trailers are secure and well lit.  Counting tickets and money can be done in privacy without worry of theft.
  • Lost and Found – Lock valuable items lost at your event.  It is common nowadays for cell phones to be left at tables, counters, and bathrooms.  Missing children can be brought to the trailer for them to sit comfortably while their parents are found.
  • Storage – A popular request is to use the mobile office trailer as a storage facility for various items.  Anything temperature sensitive, cleaning supplies, and communications equipment.  The trailer is large enough where there is space for a front office with a door and a back area with a door where people can sit and relax or boxes and equipment can be stored.
  • Break Room / Changing Room – Need an air-conditioned center for employees to take breaks? If you want to keep people from having to change in a port a potty, the office trailer can be a secure solution for employees to change out of costumes.  Mobile office trailers can do this and more. An employee breakroom can act as a meeting spot. This can be extremely helpful during preparation for an event. You don’t have to wonder if the weather is going to affect your planning process with your employees. Instead, you can have a central hub to talk with employees regardless of inclement weather. This can also be the perfect spot for employee / volunteers to store backpacks while they are working.
  • Media Center – Need film crews at your events? Mobile office trailers are the perfect location for film and media personnel. 


  • Electricity
  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Locking Doors
  • Stairs 
  • Outdoor lighting 
  • vinyl floors, 
  • storage cabinets
  • Desk space

Mobile office trailers can be pivotal to events such as:

Music Festivals

County Fairs

Renaissance Fairs



Award Shows

TV / Film Production

Sporting Events


Office 1

Office 2