Wedding Photo Booth Rental

Wedding Photo Booth Rental

Are you looking for a photo booth that takes photo strips, 4 x 6 photos, Video, Large Group Photos and Single photos? Do you want touch screen Interface, choice of black and white or color, and photos that are printed in less than 8 seconds? Do you want to see all your guest photos without going on the internet? This is the only photo booth made that can do it all. See below for all the great features of our photo booth.


Wedding Photo booth Rental

MORE SPACE = MORE PEOPLE!The BIGGEST advantage of the open-air design is that there is more space available! Where the traditional photo booth has a footprint of roughly 40″ x 60″, open-air photo booths can take up as much space as you’d like, with a typical setup being about 8′ x 10′ (96″ x 120″)! However, we can adjust the pipe and drape to accommodate the space for your event.
the first benefit is that the greater space allows for larger groups of people! No more having to decide who gets to be in the big group picture and who has to be left out. No more worrying about faces being blocked as you cram the box as full as you possibly can (and then some!). Because the open-air photo booth is basically a mini-photo studio, you can fit as many people as you like that are able to stand in front of the backdrop! Seeing 14 people (and even more!) fit comfortably into a picture is a very common thing! And of course, when you’ve got that many people together in front of a camera, you just know some crazy things are going to happen!
Not only does the extra space allow you to include more people, the other huge advantage of having so much space is that you now have creative possibilities that you simply don’t have when stuck in a traditional box booth. The extra space allows you to “think outside the box”…literally! Action scenes! groups of people jumping! throwing people in the air! telling a story through your shot! All these are now possible because of the wide-open space that you have available to you in the open-air style photo booth.

Additional Options:

  • Photo Album Package
  • Electronic copy of all photos taken at event.
  • Themed Costume Accessory Package


The setup of the Photo booth gives you two options – Booth style or Open Air. Let’s talk about both.
Booth Style – When using the booth style, pipe and drape is used to surround the photo machine to create a booth just the size you want or need to make because of the size of the venue. You have the ability to choose what dimensions you would like your booth.
Open Air Style– If you wanted to have the photo booth capture the background at your venue you can choose to leave off the pipe and drape. This can be very dramatic if the background has a fountain, view of the golf course, city skyline, or waterfront.

Open Air Photo booth with pipe and drape and optional red carpet and stanchions.

Open Air Photo booth with no pipe and drape. Takes pictures and videos capturing the background of your event Indoor or outdoors.

Touch Screen Interface for Email or Facebook

The screen interface is more intuitive than any other photo booth because users can just touch what they want on the screen.

Choice of Black and White Photos or Color Photos

The first choice your guest will have when they enter the photo booth is to choose between color or black and white photos. However, if our customer decides they want all the photos to be only one of the two options, we can modify the settings so your guests will not have the choice. Many of our wedding customers choose to only have black and white photos.

2 Photo strips printed in 8 seconds!

You read right! 2 photo strips printed in 8 seconds. Most photo booths will print their photos in 15 – 20 seconds. Our is twice as fast. In fact, ours can print two sets of the photo strips faster than most photo booths can print 1 set.

Choice of 4 x 6 Photos

After the set of photo strips are printed, they have can have a choice to pick their favorite photo and print it as a 4×6. They can then print as many copies of it as they like. This is very important when you have a large amount of people in the booth at once.

Video Messages

Our customers have the choice to allow their guest to leave them a video message. If you decide to allow your guest to leave a video message, you can decide how long you would like each message. The choices are 15 seconds, 30, 45, or 60. At the end of the night, our photo booth will create a DVD with all of the video messages recorded so you can take it home and watch it on your TV.

Select the Music played in the Photo booth

You can choose from a selection of music to be played in the photo booth or give us an mp3 version of the song you want and we can load it in. When your guest arrive in the photo booth, your song will be playing.

Customize your Photo Strip

Our customers can decide if they want the 4th picture on the photo strip to be personalized with a photo, text, or both.