Frame Tents Sizes & Colors

Frame Tent Seating Guide

When you start planning a party you naturally want to maximize the use of your backyard.  Often clients find that the grass area where they want to put the tent is not as large as they hoped or thought it would be.
When you begin planning your guest seating arrangement remember there are other items that need to be under the tent as well.  Buffet tables, dance floor, the D.J. or Band, bars or beverage stations, sweets tables and your head table all need to have room under the tent.  Place the big stuff first i.e. the dance floor, band, band riser, head table and buffet tables then work on placing your seating tables around them.
The standard size seating table under a tent is a 60″ round table.  60″ round tables comfortably seat 8 guests, but you can seat as many as 10 per table. 60″ round tables are easy to converse across and are easy to place in all tent sizes.

72″ round tables allow you to seat 10-12 guests, but have they several disadvantages. It is difficult to have a conversation with someone sitting 6 feet away, center pieces need to be larger to fill the 4 foot round area in the middle of the table, and they create unusable areas in tents less than 60′ wide.

48″ round tables seat 6-8 guests and are great for areas where the larger tables won’t fit and when mixed with long tables.  48′ round tables are also perfect for family seating near the head table or to seat the bride, groom, maid of honor and best man.

 If you prefer long tables, an 8′ long table will seat 8-10 guests.  We discourage seating 10 at an 8′ tables because the table legs.  Long tables when set end to end create a beautiful setting when mixed with small round tables.

6′ long tables will seat 6-8 guest, but we do not recommend having guests sit on the ends.  6′ long tables are often set end to end in tents and other spaces that are less than 30′ wide.