Tent & Party Rental Accessories & Extras

Big Ten Events can provide everything needed to have your special event under a tent at an affordable rental price. We make every outdoor event special and our tent accessories and extras add that special touch to make your event one that your guests will talk about all year.

Tent Lighting

Outdoor  parties that run into the evening are even better when lighting is added.  We offer several lighting styles and can help you select the lighting option that will work best for your special event.
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Tables & Linens Rental

Selecting the right table for your event is not as hard as you think.  It is our feeling that round tables are always better for guests to converse across and they are easier to move around, but long tables may be used under any tent for any event. Don’t forget the linens.  All of our wood top tables need to have some sort of covering.
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Rental Chairs

Chair rentals are easy with Big Tent Events.  All of our chairs for rent are hand washed and inspected after each use. From our dark wood garden chairs to our brown contoured folding chairs we pride ourselves on having the best quality rental chairs in the area no matter the occasion.
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Tent Sidewall

Tent sidewall is used to enclose all or a portion of a tent.  All of our sidewall attaches to a rope that runs the interior of your tent and is easily removed or installed.  It is always suggested that you install sidewall behind buffet, dance floors and D.J. or Band areas.
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Dance Floor

Dance floor rental is most often connected with Weddings, but they are just as appropriate for an Anniversary Party, Graduation Party, Birthday Part or any occasion where people want to dance.
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Table Rental

Our wood top rental tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Choosing the right table can reduce the amount of space needed. 60 inch Round Tables are the event industry standard for seating and the best choice for formal occasions.
8 Foot Banquet tables are often used to maximize dinner seating under a tent or as buffet and caterer prep tables.  High Boy Tables are used for cocktail hour at special events such as weddings , after hour events or when a full meal is not being offered. They look amazing with linens draped over them in a color coordinated to your event. Visit our tables page for more sizes.
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Portable Staging

Portable staging is perfect for head tables, DJ’s or Bands.  Our portable stage features a non-skid black vinyl top and black perimeter skirting to give a finished look to all your riser or staging needs.
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Cooling Rentals

Winter temperatures in the Midwest can get down right freezing.  However, that does not stop tents from being used. To use a tent in the fall and winter, we enclose the tent with sidewall, install propane heaters outside the tent with ductwork which goes into the tent and place  the thermostat to control the temperature. Heated tent rentals are perfect for decks and patios. Tent pole mounted fans are perfect for moving air around or if your budget allows AC can be installed for your guests comfort.
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