Tent Lighting

Enhance your event-it’s all in the details. Tent lighting will enhance the atmosphere of your wedding, birthday party, corporate dinner, open house or backyard party tent.

Big Tent Events has lighting options available to customize any evening event. White perimeter globe lights are the most economical lighting option to both illuminate and decorate a tent. Are you in search of unique and elegant lighting options? Colorful LED lighting can be used to create washes of color throughout the tent, center pole up lighting high lights the curves and peaks of pole tents and creates an overall soft, warm glow. Chandeliers from simple to ornate are classic stand by lighting options for tents. 

Tent lighting can be as simple or as elaborate as your budget will allow. Lighting is often thought of as the only tent decor available for rent, this is not the case. Lighting is most often combined with other tent decorating elements such as fabric. Fabric ceilings in tents were often used to give traditional tent interiors a softer look.  Today’s high peak tents have beautiful curves and dramatic center pole peaks that don’t deserve to be covered by a fabric ceiling.  Frame Tents are typically the only tent style we suggest fabric liners or ceiling to cover the metal frame visible in the tent. Fabric installed on center poles and legs of a tent create a beautiful, light and airy atmosphere. Multi colored swags of fabric draped from the ceiling of a frame tent are a great way to soften the linear lines of the tent.  If you can imagine it, we can do it because we partner with some of the best designers in the industry to bring your vision of a certain atmosphere to life.

Globe Top Lighting                 Round Paper Lantern Lighting

Globe Perimeter Lighting                        Chandelier Lighting 


Combination Lighting