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If you are looking to have Extreme Fun at your event, you have come to the right place.  These items are some of the most innovative pieces of equipment in the amusement industry today.  Place your order as early as possible to reserve these for your event.


Euro Bungy Chicago (30′ L x 30′ W x 21′ H)

If you are looking for eXtreme fun and something unique, the Euro Bungy what you are looking for! A super trampoline system, that enables the participant to jump over two stories high accomplishing gravity defying maneuvers.  Multiple bungee cords are attached to a harness (in which the jumper is safely secured) which super boost the traditional trampoline experience, giving a gravity defying ride that has all the adrenaline of bungee jumping, but none of the risk. Anyone from 30 pounds to 200 pounds can Bungy jump and bounce.  Each person is safely in a harness that allows them to bounce over 20 feet high!!!  If you are daring, you can do front flips and back flips.  The Eurobungy accommodates up to four bungy jumpers at once. We can also setup half the jumping stations for events with limited space.
Experience the thrills of weightlessness as you achieve heights of up to 40 feet!



Survivor 4 Piece Obstacle Course (75′ L x 44′ W x 25′ H)

Can you survive the most extreme obstacle course ever made.  This gargantuan inflatable is 4 pieces, 360 degrees, and over 120 feet of intense obstacles.  The competitors start by climbing into the volcano and up to the suspension bridge.  The suspension bridge is 40 feet long.  When they get to the other side, they have a choice to go down the steep slide or use the Zip line 40 feet back down.  They must then complete the obstacle course section and climb into the inflatable boat and wait for the rest of their team. 



Adrenaline Rush Extreme (43′ L x 43′ W x 15′ H)

The most exciting part to any obstacle course is the steep slide.  They took the original Adrenaline Rush and made it longer and added a 2nd slide to double the fun.  The obstacle course is full of tackle dummies, squeeze through, zigzags, and crawl throughs.  This inflatable ride is capable of handling up to 300 people an hour.



IRONMAN 3 Piece Obstacle Course (35′ L x 25′ W x 20′ H)

This extreme inflatable is 3 pieces, a 360 degree course, and 85 feet of intense obstacles.  Two opponents will face a run covering over 85 feet each including: obstacle walls, squeeze plays, tunnel crawls, a giant slide and more! Each opponent crosses to the other side before climbing up and over the biggest obstacle of all: the giant slide, down and through the legs of the IRONMAN.  This inflatable ride is capable of handling up to 300 people an hour.



27 Foot Giant Water Slide with Pool (65′ L x 27’H x 13′ W)

This is the largest inflatable water slide in the Midwest.  If you ever wanted to go down the Amazon river now is your chance.  We will bring the thrills to your event like you have never experienced before.  The steep angle of the water slide is designed to give riders enough speed to shoot them down the 35 foot slip n slide into the pool of water at the end.



22 Foot Giant Water Slide with Pool (60′ L x 22’H x 13′ W)

Looking to make a big splash at your next event?  Try our 22 foot Roaring River Water Slide.  This is a slide like no other.  The steep angle of the water slide is designed to give riders enough speed to shoot them down the 35 foot slip n slide into the pool of water at the end.  This will bring excitement to any event.



Chicago Mechanical Bull (18′ L x 18′ W x 8′ H)


Click HERE to check out our full collection of mechanical bulls
For the ultimate in interactive fun, try to tame the mechanical bull.  Our bull has all the latest safety features to ensure a really fun event.  The only bull made with a proximity sensor in the seat for automatic shut off.  There are pre-programmed settings that are designed to handle any age group from kindergarten to the retired.  We can setup in doors or outside.



Mechanical Surf Board (18′ L x 18′ W x 13’H)

Looking to bring the ocean fun to Chicago?  We have just the solution!  The mechanical surf board.  Jump on and see if you can ride the twist and turns.  Great for photo opportunities also.




Chicago Sumo Wrestling Suit Rental (15′ L x 15′ W)

Sumo Wrestling is one of the most popular interactive games in the world.  Get whisked into the world of Sumo Wrestling as soon as you step into the huge foam filled suits.  This is hilarious fun for participants and spectators alike.

– Sumo Wrestling Suits (fits people from 5’0″ – 6’4″, min 110lbs)
– Sumo Wrestling Helmets
– Sumo Wrestling Gloves
– Sumo Wrestling Mat




Portable Rock Climbing Wall Rental (32 Foot Tall 4 person)

State-of-the-Art 32 Foot tall 4 Person Climbing Rock Wall.  Each of the 4 climber lanes have an independent hydraulic belay system for safety.  The wall includes safety harnesses, climber buzzers, and fencing.  This is the tallest rock wall in Illinois!  Why  settle for the smaller walls when you can have the tallest wall available?  There is 4 separate climbing lanes for different skill levels and a 4 foot overhang for those extreme climbers.  This wall can be detached from its trailer for indoor setups. Click Here to watch video of Rock Wall

Climber Weight Limits: 45lbs to 250lbs
Area requirement: 30′ x 60′ area
– 32 Foot Tall
– 4 Foot Overhang
– 4 Climbing lanes
– Independent hydraulic belay system for each lane
– Realistic Rock Look
– Includes fencing
– 2 Attendants



Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall (28 Foot Tall)

28 Foot tall Inflatable rock climbing wall.  This wall is great for indoor and outdoor use.  If outdoor weather is not favorable, set it up indoors.  This rock wall has real rock hand grips and auto belay systems.

Climber Weight Limits: 45lbs to 250lbs
Area requirement: 30′ x 40′ area
– 28 Foot Tall
– Automatic self belay system for each lane
– Real rock hand holds
– 2 Attendants
– Child and Adult Climbing Harnesses



Defender Dome / Mega Jump (34′ L x 34′ W x 18′ H)

This arena can be used for Dodge Ball or Soccer.  The arena has four goals for 4 players at a time.  Each player defends their goal from thrown or kicked balls.  When playing dodge ball, points are scored when you hit another player with a thrown ball before it hits the ground and it hits the player below the shoulders.

– Balls
– Face Guards

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