Festival Rides

Chicago Festival Rides

Let Big Tent Events provide an unexpected and enjoyable new experience for your 2012 Festival, Company Picnic or Block Party with our amazing Festival Rides for all ages.  Our Mobile Zipline is a must have for any festival or company picnic.


Mobile Zipline Mobile Zipline 300′ L x 30′ W x 32′ H

Our mobile zipline is the most exciting new piece of equipment to hit the amusement industry in the last 5 years.   People can zipline 100 to 300 feet.

Anyone from 45 pounds to 250 pounds can Zipline.


Eurobungy 35′ L x 35′ W x 22′ H

If you are looking for eXtreme fun and something unique, the Euro Bungy is it.

This super trampoline system, enables the participant to jump up to two stories high accomplishing gravity defying maneuvers.  Each rider is safely secured into a harness that has multiple bungee cords attached to it, giving a super boost to the traditional trampoline experience. It is this super boost that gives the rider a gravity defying ride that has all the adrenaline of bungee jumping, but none of the risk.  If you are daring, you can do front and back flips.

Anyone from 40 pounds to 200 pounds can Bungy jump and bounce.  The Eurobungy accommodates up to four jumpers at once.  We can also setup half the jumping stations for festivals and special events with limited space. 2/20 amp circuits are required.

Eurobungy includes:

  • Includes fencing
  • 2 Attendants


5 Climber Rock Wall 25 Foot Tall

If you are looking to maximize the number of climbers at your event this is the climbing wall for you.  Each climbing lane has its own unique challenges.  Two of the lanes require the climber to maneuver around a waterfall to reach the top while the other two lanes  require the climber to use a tree to scale to the top.

Climber Weight Limits: 45lbs to 250lbs
Area requirement: 30′ x 45′ area
Rental Includes:
  • 25 Foot Tall
  • 5 Climbing lanes
  • Independent hydraulic belay system for each lane
  • Realistic Rock Look
  • Includes fencing
  • 2 Attendants


Celebration Train 50' L x 24' W x 6' H

Looking to have the most requested kids carnival ride at your event?  Our colorful Celebration Train holds up to 26 young riders.  The trains oval track can be setup indoors or outside on a hard level surface.  Make your reservations early, especially during the holiday season.  Requires one 20 amp circuit.


  • Fencing
  • Train Engineer
  • Attendant


4 Coach Trackless Train

All aboard the Trackless Train!   Our train can travel anywhere on just about any flat outdoor surface: grass, asphalt, gravel and pavement. The colorful engine and coaches bring excitement to any event.  This train carries both children and adults.  A Trackless Train is a wonderful addition to kids birthday parties, festivals and company picnics.  There are 4 train cars, not the typical three, so that 16 adults or up to 24 young children can ride at once.  Each train car has its own characters painted on them for the kids to choose from.  Our train has a working whistle and bell.

Rental Includes

  • Train Engineer
  • Attendant


chair swing carnival ride rental ChicagoOur carnival chair swing has 16 brightly colored fun swings for the kids to choose from.  The ride is designed just for kids 42″ and under.  Having a ride at your event that allows 16 children to ride at once is a must for large events.  Kids love swinging through the summer air. Requires one 20 amp circuit. Space needed: 32x32x12

Rental Includes

  • Fencing
  • 2 Attendants


Mechanical Bull 18′ L x 18′ W

For the ultimate in interactive fun, try to tame the mechanical bull.  Our bulls have all the latest safety features to ensure a safe and fun rides for all.  The only bull made with a proximity sensor in the seat for automatic shut off.  There are pre-programmed settings that are designed to handle any age group from 7 years old to the retired. Requires 2/20 amp circuits.

  • 2 Attendants


Jacobs Ladder20′ L x 14′ W x 10′ H

Climb a ladder and ring a bell-nothing could be easier right? Wrong- Try to climbing a ladder that has swivels on each end.  Make the slightest mistake and you are dropped onto the inflatable bed beneath the ladder. Sounds easy, looks easy, not really. A great activity for any age group and can be used indoors or outdoors. 20 amp circuit is required.

Rental Includes Attendant


Laser Tag Maze40′ L x 20′ W x 8′ H

One of the largest Inflatable Laser Tag Arenas made.  There are endless corridors, passageways, and nooks to keep you hidden from your opponents. We use professional grade laser guns and head band sensors. Middle school kids through adults can have a blast dodging and hiding throughout the maze.  2/20 amp circuits are required.


  • Laser Guns
  • Fog Machine
  • 2 Attendants


Mechanical Surf Board 18′ L x 18′ W

Surf’s Up! Looking for the perfect wave, but don’t want to get wet?  We have just the solution!  Try and hang ten on our mechanical surf board.  Jump on the real surf board and see if you can ride the wave with its twist and turns. This ride also makes a great back drop for pictures. Requires 2/20 amp circuits.


  • Inflatable Wave
  • 2 Attendants